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This program teaches your child; balance, coordination, agility, take downs & ground positions. This course will set your child up for life long skills in self defense, discipline, respect and enhance socialization skills.
At this ladies only event, you will be guided through multiple scenarios where you will learn how to protect yourself and get out of harms way. Ages 10+ welcome.
This class will surpass your fitness goals while drilling foot work & stance, basic striking technique drills, punching & kicking techniques, basic knee strike techniques & bag drills.
Introduction to BJJ is for anyone with no previous Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu experience. Focus is on the fundamental movements. At the end of the course, students are welcome to join in regular classes.
Women’s Only BJJ objective is to be part of a solution in an effort to help reduce harmful and inappropriate behavior. this program focuses on utilizing BJJ as self-defense for women.
Kids BJJ will teach your kids discipline, confidence, coordination and fitness. Strong emphasis is placed on Judo/BJJ throws, ground positions and submissions.