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$59.99 CAD
Hayabusa 8oz Gloves
$59.99 CAD
Hayabusa 6oz Gloves
$69.99 CAD
Hayabusa S4 Youth Boxing Gloves
$79.99 CAD
Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves
$109.00 CAD
T3 MMA 4oz. Gloves
$109.00 CAD
T3 MMA 7oz Gloves
$130.00 CAD
$104.00 CAD
Available in 10oz and 16oz
$135.00 CAD
$108.00 CAD
Available in Black and Red
$179.00 CAD
$143.20 CAD
Tokushu Regenesis 16oz
$179.99 CAD
Available in many colors
$187.99 CAD
$150.39 CAD
New Katana Gloves
$299.99 CAD
$284.99 CAD
Captain America, Punisher, Black Panther & Iron Man 16oz gloves.