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Harris, 27, was nominated for the award, presented annually by the Alberta Kodokan Black Belt Association. Requirements include: coaching athletes at provincial or national tournaments; demonstrates and abides by the coaching code of ethics and has made s
Kids & Adults Divisions in BJJ, Judo, No-Gi & womens.
Tickets available at Hayabusa Training Centre at reception! Come watch Matt Spisak, Tanner Boser, Garrett Nybakken & Pat Pytlik and support our team.
Kids Divisions in BJJ, Judo, Striking, Wrestling and No-Gi. Adult Divisions in BJJ & Judo. We are having a BBQ, so bring your family!
Click here to watch the full segment.
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Overall, 38 medals (13 gold, 16 silver and nine bronze), were awarded to Hayabusa competitors in a variety of divisions and several were multiple medalists.
Valuable skills and training helped a woman protect herself from a serious attack. Many effective martial arts were designed for such a situation and can be learned by both men and women to protect themselves.
Successful competition weekend for kids bjj, kids no gi jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, amateur mma & pro mma athletes!
Beaumont, Nybakken & Sander victorious at WSOF 21 World Series
Some big results for our team this past weekend. Tyler Edworthy picked up a silver medal at the IBJJF World Masters Championships in Las Vegas, while Tanner Boser gets a TKO victory over a UFC veteran.
Overall we had tremendous results and several of our students were crowned as American National Champions. 22 Medals in total!
If you’re looking to gain knowledge in self-defence, Hayabusa is there to help you feel safe in any situation. They pride themselves on being a family-friendly environment, where you won’t feel intimidated by the more experienced, where your children can
Saturday Aug 19, 2017 @12-3PM Members Only
Spectator Tickets now available! $45 Evening PPV & $10 Daytime Tournament . Limited seats available. All ages.
Kids in house tournament. Divisions in BJJ, Judo, Wrestling/No-Gi & Striking.
Jimmy is a two time Olympic bronze medalist in the sport of Judo (1996 & 2004), US Olympic Judo coach (2012 & 2016) & World Judo Champion 1999.
Robert Drysdale Seminar & Promotions July 21,2018 12-1:30 BJJ & 2:30-4pm NOGI.
Gi 12-1:30 pm & Nogi 2:30-4pm. Early bird registration ends March 31. 3 X NA East Coast ADCC Trial Champion, 2 X NoGI World Champion, UFC Veteran.
Congratulations to our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students who were promoted with belts and stripes. A big step in their BJJ journey!
With his sights set on cracking the worldwide Top 50 heavyweight rankings, and defending his #UnifiedMMA Heavyweight Championship, #Canada's most dangerous big man, Tanner "Bulldozer" Boser, is back in action versus #Arizona's Joe Yager at#Unified28
Olympic medalist Judo seminar for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judoka practitioners. November 19,2016. View photo gallery here.
We had a large number of competitors who had great results. More important than results is that everyone had fun & displayed great sportsmanship.
Members & their family are welcome to come enjoy an inflatable obstacle course, some food and good company with our Hayabusa family.
November 24,2018. Divisions in Wrestling/NoGi, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) & Striking. All ages and levels encouraged to attend.
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