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See what we are doing to keep our students and staff safe!
November 24,2018. Divisions in Wrestling/NoGi, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) & Striking. All ages and levels encouraged to attend.
5X World Champion & 5 Times ADCC Champion.
Robert Drysdale Seminar & Promotions July 21,2018 12-1:30 BJJ & 2:30-4pm NOGI.
Jimmy is a two time Olympic bronze medalist in the sport of Judo (1996 & 2004), US Olympic Judo coach (2012 & 2016) & World Judo Champion 1999.
Kids in house tournament. Divisions in BJJ, Judo, Wrestling/No-Gi & Striking.
Saturday Aug 19, 2017 @12-3PM Members Only
Spectator Tickets now available! $45 Evening PPV & $10 Daytime Tournament . Limited seats available. All ages.
Gi 12-1:30 pm & Nogi 2:30-4pm. Early bird registration ends March 31. 3 X NA East Coast ADCC Trial Champion, 2 X NoGI World Champion, UFC Veteran.
Congratulations to our Kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students who were promoted with belts and stripes. A big step in their BJJ journey!
Members & their family are welcome to come enjoy an inflatable obstacle course, some food and good company with our Hayabusa family.
We had a large number of competitors who had great results. More important than results is that everyone had fun & displayed great sportsmanship.
Olympic medalist Judo seminar for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judoka practitioners. November 19,2016. View photo gallery here.
With his sights set on cracking the worldwide Top 50 heavyweight rankings, and defending his #UnifiedMMA Heavyweight Championship, #Canada's most dangerous big man, Tanner "Bulldozer" Boser, is back in action versus #Arizona's Joe Yager at#Unified28
If you’re looking to gain knowledge in self-defence, Hayabusa is there to help you feel safe in any situation. They pride themselves on being a family-friendly environment, where you won’t feel intimidated by the more experienced, where your children can
Overall we had tremendous results and several of our students were crowned as American National Champions. 22 Medals in total!
Click here to watch the full segment.
Kids Divisions in BJJ, Judo, Striking, Wrestling and No-Gi. Adult Divisions in BJJ & Judo. We are having a BBQ, so bring your family!
Tickets available at Hayabusa Training Centre at reception! Come watch Matt Spisak, Tanner Boser, Garrett Nybakken & Pat Pytlik and support our team.
Harris, 27, was nominated for the award, presented annually by the Alberta Kodokan Black Belt Association. Requirements include: coaching athletes at provincial or national tournaments; demonstrates and abides by the coaching code of ethics and has made s
Kids & Adults Divisions in BJJ, Judo, No-Gi & womens.
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Overall, 38 medals (13 gold, 16 silver and nine bronze), were awarded to Hayabusa competitors in a variety of divisions and several were multiple medalists.
Some big results for our team this past weekend. Tyler Edworthy picked up a silver medal at the IBJJF World Masters Championships in Las Vegas, while Tanner Boser gets a TKO victory over a UFC veteran.
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